About Us

Welcome to Georgia’s first Hi-Tech Greenhouse!


“GRATO Greenhouse” is the first Hi-Tech VENLO type greenhouse and nursery not only in Georgia, but also in the Caucasus region. The project was carried out by Georgian investment company Benett&Benett Capital with financial help from the Government of the Netherlands and Fachjan Project Plants - the company that owns the largest greenhouse and nursery in the Netherlands

Today “GRATO Greenhouse” grows decorative plants of the highest quality. We grow many species of tropical and landscape plants on the territory that covers 10 000 square meters. “GRATO Greenhouse” also offers the customers a wide variety of planters and planting accessories. Our modern greenhouse is energy efficient, which translates into high quality and reasonably priced low cost plants to be enjoyed by our consumers. Our ambition and goal is to be the best on the nursery market and to become a leading provider of decorative plants in the Caucasus region.

We have all the provisions to reach these goals. Our clear vision is very important, but the team of highly qualified professional staff is our pride. Their knowledge, experience and devotion are empowered by the professionalism of our Dutch partners. 


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