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About us

Since you are already here, you are probably wondering who we are. We are an enthusiastic, team of friends who have found that each of us has those
I liked being in an environment with more greenery - that was our biggest common denominator. That is why we decided to make a greenhouse with lots of species
We could take care of the plant. After selfless labor and pleasantly tiring years spent together, today we already own a high-tech greenhouse, the maintenance and development of which our Dutch colleagues are helping us. We love our work and believe that we will start with more diligence
Each day, more and more people will share our love for greenery and a healthy, peaceful environment. A variety of plants and flowers grown in the greenhouse, and outdoor planting trees, shrubs and various plants in the nursery will help to create such an environment, because people of all tastes or interests will find the plant they like here.
Our plants will fit in the office space, as well as on the balcony, terrace or yard of your home. However, not only do you offer indoor and outdoor plants, you can also purchase their accessories. That is why, if you do not find it difficult to make a choice, it will definitely help you to find what you are looking for. You can also use the on-site delivery service with the purchase. When it comes to plant care, make a recommendation at any time.

Grato Greenhouses is ready to be friend for you.

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Contact information

Greenhouse address: Orkhevi, Chantladze Street 1


Store address: 37-39 Merab Kostava Street


Phone: 243 17 43


working hours

Monday - Sunday

10:00 - 17:00

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