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Alocasia is originally from Asia.

1. Lighting and placement.

Alocasia needs bright but diffused lighting, with protection from direct sunlight.

It is best to place the flower on the east or west side of the house. There will be a lack of light in the north and excess light in the south, so these sides are unsuitable for placing aloe vera.

2. Temperature mode.

Room temperature 18-24 Cº. The flower must be protected from sharp fluctuations in temperature and temperature.

3. Moisture and watering.

Loves moisture. Need regular spraying of room temperature water on the leaves. Also clean the leaves with a wet sponge once a week.

Irrigated regularly and abundantly, with water at room temperature 3-4 times. The land should not be completely drained. Nor should water be poured into the pot.

4. Fertilizer.

In spring and autumn, aloe vera is given fertilizer for ornamental-deciduous plants, it can be replaced with organic fertilizer. Frequency once in 2 months.



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