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Tropical pineapple leaves are succulents, with additional roots that absorb accumulated well

1. Lighting and placement.

Decorative pineapple needs a lot of light and direct sunlight. So the right place for him is the south or south-west windows. Additional lighting may be required during the fall-winter period

2. Temperature mode.

It needs the same temperature regime throughout the year. Optimal 22 - 25 Cº.

3. Moisture and watering.

Should be watered once every three days. The soil should not dry out too much and no extra water is needed. Watered once every 5 days in winter.

At home, pineapple should be sprayed with water on the leaves almost every day and a warm shower should be taken once a month.

4. Fertilizer.

In spring and summer twice a week need to feed with organic fertilizer.


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