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Asparagus looks like a miniature coniferous tree.

1. Lighting and placement.

Place on the west or east side where there will be plenty of bright, sunlight. Direct sunlight can be applied in the morning and evening (so it can not be used in the south)

2. Temperature mode.

Room temperature in spring and spring: 18-25 Cº. 14-15 Cº in autumn and winter.

3. Moisture and watering.

Irrigated three times a week. It is optimal to water all the time, on the pod, below the pot. Watering is more frequent during the very hot season, and we reduce the frequency of watering in winter.

It is necessary to spray water at room temperature daily to maintain the required level of humidity. To keep moisture, you can also put damp khats and keramzite on the podon.

4. Fertilizer.

Mineral complex fertilizer is best, all year round. Every other week in spring and summer. Once a month in autumn and winter. Pruning can be done in March-April and during transplanting.

Transplantation: once a year.

Asparagus setacus

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