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Begonia is native to tropical Africa and is rich in flowers

1. Lighting and placement.

It needs but a well-lit place with scattered light where no direct sunlight will hit. He does not like to change places. Stand west or east and no longer change location. .

2. Temperature mode.

Requires a moderate temperature regime: 18 - 22 Cº throughout the year, but in summer the plant can withstand temperatures 5-7 degrees higher.

3. Moisture and watering.

Need a humid environment, as long as you can not water, use a room humidifier. Irrigated abundantly but often not. 3 times a week from spring to autumn. Once a week in winter. Pour the extra crumbs from the podon. .

4. Fertilizer.

Complex fertilizer for flowering plants - once in 2 weeks after the emergence of buds.


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