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Guzmania is a plant of the Bromelia family from Central and South America

1. Lighting and placement ..

It needs bright but diffused lighting, protection from direct sunlight, so as not to burn the otters. Place west or east, south in winter. .

2. Temperature mode.

Heat-loving - 20 - 25 Cº ventilated room. Try not to let the temperature drop below 13 C and not too high 27 C. Avoid Orpheus. .

3. Moisture and watering ..

Loves abundant water. During flowering water the pot around the leaves. At the end of flowering the leaves themselves are in the middle. Irrigated every 5-7 days.

Moisturize daily with lukewarm water

4. Fertilizer.

From March to September we have to supply fertilizer for bromeliads. They should not contain copper or boron. Half of the indicated dose. With fertilizer we can water the plant and also spray it on the leaves.


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