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Dieffenbachia is an evergreen plant found in the tropics of North and South America.

1. Lighting and placement ..

Needs bright but diffused lighting, protected from direct sunlight. To place west or east, when placing east we need to create additional shading.

2. Temperature mode.

Heat-loving - 18 - 25 Cº ventilated room. Try to maintain the chosen temperature regime throughout the year. Do not allow abrupt changes in temperature and avoid orphans.

3. Moisture and watering ..

We must provide high humidity. The leaves should be cleaned daily with a damp sponge or sprayed with an oatmeal. Water abundantly, three times a week. You should exclude both complete drying of the soil as well as excess water.

4. Fertilizer.

Mineral fertilizer for ornamental deciduous plants, only during the period of active growth, once every 2 weeks.

Dieffenbachia summer style

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