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Dracaena is a tropical plant, but it grows well at home

1. Lighting and placement ..

Dracaena is unpretentious to light. It is good in all lighting, prefers bright diffused lighting, in such a case it grows relatively quickly. Also well tolerates completely artificial lighting.

2. Temperature mode.

Ideally 18 - 25 Cº well tolerates the same temperature regime throughout the year.

3. Moisture and watering ..

We must provide high humidity. Clean the leaves daily with a damp sponge or spray water at room temperature. Water abundantly, three times a week. You should exclude both complete drying of the soil as well as excess water.

4. Fertilizer.

From March to August it is good to give a complex fertilizer for ornamental-deciduous plants, or a special fertilizer for dracaena. (Once every 15 days).

Dracaena compact

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