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Epipremnum is a tropical plant from the rainforests of India and Australia, as well as from Southeast Asia and the Hawaiian Islands. The plant is evergreen, with a well-developed fibrous root system.

1. Lighting and placement.

Does not require much light, grows well in shade. Its variegated species needs more but scattered light. Direct sunlight is excluded in any variant. Place east or west.

2. Temperature mode.

Moderate microclimate 18-23 Cº. Exclude Orpheus. We do not stand outside even during the summer.

3. Moisture and watering.

Water abundantly, but rarely. The soil between waterings should be dry. But persistent dehydration will do more harm to the plant than excess water. The leaves should be watered frequently and the leaves cleaned with a damp sponge. It is also good to have a warm "shower" once in 2 weeks

3. Fertilizer.

We supply fertilizer all year round. Spring and summer every 2 weeks. We use liquid mineral fertilizer. In autumn and winter we perform this procedure once a month.



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