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Yucca is a small palm-tree plant. Blooms only in natural conditions (with small white, bell-shaped flowers). Room yucca is grown as a decorative deciduous plant.

1. Lighting and placement.

It needs a lot of light, but scattered. It is better to exclude direct sunlight. Place west or east. In winter we can move to the south or use artificial lighting.

2. Temperature mode.

At home we can maintain a temperature regime of 20-26 Cº all year round. It is useful to ventilate the room ..

3. Moisture and watering.

It is advisable to maintain high humidity by spraying daily with water and frequent cleaning of the leaves with a damp sponge. Once in 2 weeks the plant can take a lukewarm "shower". But at this time the substrate, in which the plant is embedded, must be well covered so that water does not get inside. We water systematically and abundantly. 3 times a week. We turn off the excess water from the pod. Increase or decrease the intensity of watering according to the condition of the plant.

4. Fertilizer. .

Every 20 days, in spring and spring, we supply mineral complex fertilizer.


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