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Livistona is a tall palm that grows up to 25 meters in an endemic environment. Room Livistona is small does not bloom and grows as an ornamental deciduous plant.

1. Lighting and placement ..

Livistona of the house, avoid the direct rays of the mind. Will be comfortably scattered in a well-lit place with light. It is ideal to place it to the east. To make the bottles develop well and symmetrically, turn them to the light source at 180 degrees once every 2 weeks.

2. Temperature mode ..

In spring and summer the plant needs a warm microclimate: 20 - 26 Cº, in winter 18 Cº

3. Moisture and watering ..

Room palms like high humidity, so bathe the room regularly (without orphans) and water the leaves daily. Irrigated regularly and moderately. Do not dry the moss or leave excess water in the pot. Watered in spring and summer 3-4 times a week. We will reduce the number of winters in Shemidgima and winter.

4. Fertilizer.

From April to August, once a month, we provide mineral complex fertilizer for palms.


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