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Lemon tree is also fruitful at home, for this we need to follow a few rules of its care:

1. Lighting and placement ..

Need a moderate amount of diffused light. The direct rays of the sun can only be in the morning and evening. In very intense light the plant will start active growth but may inhibit fruit ripening. During the winter, if necessary, use artificial lighting, place the plant on the east or south-west side. To grow the plant symmetrically once every 2 weeks, turn the pot slightly towards the light source

2. Temperature mode ..

Lemons need different microclimates at different stages of growth. When growing leaves and buds, observe a temperature regime of about 17 Cº. In winter, this figure should be reduced to 15-16 Cº. The rest of the time the optimum temperature is 20-25 Cº. The plant should be protected from sharp fluctuations in temperature and orphanage.

3. Moisture and watering ..

Watered regularly and abundantly. Irrigated daily or every other day from May to September. The rest of the time once every 3-4 days. The upper layer of soil between waterings should be slightly dry. The leaves need to be watered almost daily. If you notice that the roots are bothered by excessive watering, you need to transplant the plant and completely change the soil. Also reduce the amount of watering.

4. Fertilizer. .

Lemon needs mineral fertilizer for citrus systematically, especially in spring and summer. The intensity of fertilizer delivery in autumn decreases to 1 time per month. In winter we generally stop supplying fertilizer. During the active period, we fertilize the young bushes every month. If it is already a big sky, then - once in 2 weeks. The bush should be well watered a few hours before fertilizing. If the lemon tree actively produces leaves but does not bear fruit, try to change the fertilizer to one where the minimum nitrogen content is.


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