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House pachira blooms with large, white, pink or light green flowers with a pleasant, vanilla aroma. Its fruits are edible nuts.

1. Lighting and placement ..

Grows well in many but diffused light. Avoid direct sunlight. It will be comfortable to have a bright place by the west or east window. We can take it outside in the summer, but in a place where it will not rain, it will not fall in the sun and in direct sunlight.

2. Temperature mode.

The microclimate should change seasonally. 20-25 Cº in summer. In winter 15-17 Cº. The temperature must be changed gradually.

3. Moisture and watering ..

It is important to water regularly 3 times a week. It is better to pour water on the pod, the water should not fall on the stem. We reduce the frequency of watering during the cold winter. Moisten only by sprinkling lukewarm water on the leaves, often. But during the winter we stop this procedure.

4. Fertilizer

Mineral fertilizer for room greens is good in spring and summer. Every 3rd week. Fertilizer should not be applied during winter.


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