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Sansiveria is an evergreen plant from the tropical and subtropical forests of Indonesia, Africa and Madagascar. It is a very problem-free plant. It has no stem and large, fleshy leaves directly from the roots.

1. Lighting and placement ..

Not demanding to the location, the main thing is not to stand in direct sunlight. But the colorful, yellow-striped species of S. rsanservieria is better to stand in more light so that the colors do not fade.

2. Temperature mode.

The woodpecker adapts well to the constant climate of 17 - 25 Cº

3. Moisture and watering ..

Generally transfers dry air. But it will be good to spray water periodically, as well as to remove dust from the leaves with a damp sponge. Irrigated 1-2 times a week, depending on the seasons. It is normal for the soil to dry well between waterings.

4. Fertilizer

Fertilizer for cacti and ornamental-deciduous plants, which we supply once a month, is useful for Sanseveria. March-mid-August.

Sansiveria Twist

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