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Siningia or gloxinia is a beautiful flowering plant.

1. Lighting and placement ..

For the flower should choose a place with constant, scattered light well lit, but direct rays of the sun are not allowed. Winter will require additional artificial lighting. Stand west or east, near the window. Avoid Orpheus.

2. Temperature mode.

18 - 25 Cº is comfortable for the plant during the period of active growth. During the wintering period 15-16 Cº. It is easy to assess the condition of gloxinia by its leaves. Elevated leaves mean the plant is hot. Falling leaves - cold.

3. Moisture and watering ..

Loves high humidity, but when moisturizing, water should not fall on the leaves. Use a room humidifier, or place a container full of water next to the plant. Water according to the drying of the top layer of soil, in moderation. From October, during the drying season, we gradually increase the durations between waterings.

4. Fertilizer

During summer and summer (March to August) once a month we provide fertilizer for ornamental-flowering plants.

Siningia sonata

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