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Homeland of Spathiphyllum is Central and South America.

1. Lighting and placement ..

Spathiphyllum is an easily tolerant plant to light. It thrives well in light and shade. But it is better to stand in a well-lit place with dim light, where the direct rays of the sun do not hit. Place west / east or east.

2. Temperature mode.

Suitable temperature regime is 17-25 Cº The temperature should not fall below 16 Cº. .

3. Moisture and watering ..

Irrigated moderately, 3 times a week. The soil in the pot should always be slightly moist. Humidity in the room is also important. So we regularly moisturize the air by spraying water, but water should not hit the flowers.

4. Fertilizer

From March to September we supply mineral fertilizer for flowering plants. Autumn - In winter we can apply fertilizer once or twice, if the plant continues to flower during this period. Excess fertilizer spoils the leaves.

Spathiphyllum bellini

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