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Ficus is native to the tropical forests of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in Southeast Asia. In nature, they grow into shrubs, semi-shrubs and trees.

1. Lighting and placement.

The ficus of the house needs a lot of but scattered light. Direct sunlight should be avoided. Ideal on the west or east side. The main thing is not to stand near artificial heating devices.

2. Temperature mode.

Grows well all year round at standard room temperature of 20-25 Cº. In winter the temperature should not fall below 16 Cº. He does not like Orpheus.

3. Watering and moisture

Needs water spray almost daily. A warm shower once a month would also be good. Irrigated 1-2 times a week, with a glass of water, it is better to stand on the ficus podon and pour a drop before the water starts to overflow. Then pour excess water from the pod. In Zkhamtar we water more rarely.

4. Fertilizer

From April to September, once every 2 weeks, we supply mineral and organic fertilizers with high nitrogen content. The young plant needs transplanting every year. Adult plant-once in 2-3 years.

Ficus Benjamina double spiral

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