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Cikas is the palm of the house. Under natural conditions they can grow up to 15 meters. The room cicada has a large stem with a leafy tip. It does not bloom at home and is grown as an ornamental-leafed plant.

1. Lighting and placement.

The plant needs abundant but diffused light. But avoid direct sunlight. Stand east or west. It is very hot in the south and there are no lights in the north.

2. Temperature mode.

Grows well at temperatures of 18- 25 Cº. In winter the temperature should not fall below 15 Cº, but lowering the temperature is not necessary.

3. Moisture and watering.

Loves humid climate. It will be useful to use a room humidifier and a daily spray of warm water. Periodically it will be good to clean the leaves with a damp sponge and a warm "shower".

Tsikas is watered systematically. We must not allow the land to dry out or over-irrigate. Irrigated 2-3 times a week with lukewarm water. In the autumn-winter period, if you reduce the wintering temperature of the plant, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of watering.

4. Fertilizer.

From March to August, we supply organic fertilizer containing potassium and magnesium once a month.


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